What’s Your Eating Plus? Find out in The Plant Plus Diet Solution – Break the Diet Trap for Good

More than a diet solution – The PlantPlus Diet Solution is the answer to living a leaner, more energetic and simpler life! The PlantPlus Diet Solution by Dr. Joan Borysenko has everything you need to personalize your nutritional needs to boost your immune system, prevent disease and oftentimes, reverse health issues like chronic pain and inflammation. Using science, psychology and a 28-Day Reboot, you finally have all you need to break the diet trap for good!

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  1. anna maria stone
    anna maria stone says:

    Hello Dr. Borysenko,
    I wanted to leave a comment on your FB page, but FB says you have reached your friend limit so here I am!
    I am currently reading your book, The Plant Plus Diet Solution, and am finding it very interesting, but I am confused about one point in particular. It has to do with grains and flours.
    As far as I have understood, you personally do not eat any grains and very few legumes. In the Plant Plus Lite chapter you encounter your friend in the restaurant, and she states that she has given up all flour. In that same chapter you make the recommendation to eliminate anything containing “white foods”, such as sugar and flour. Do you mean that in the Plant Plus Lite choice one eliminates white flour, such as white wheat and white rice flour, but can consume whole wheat, corn, spelt, and buckwheat flours, for example?
    Sorry to be so long-winded and thank your for your time.
    P.S. I met you once in San Francisco, many moons ago, when you gave a talk about your book The Ways of the Mystic, which I still on occasion read parts of!
    Anna Maria


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