[VIDEO] A special message for my mind-body-spirit community.

In these times of great turmoil, our top priority and our greatest challenge, is to cultivate our own balance and peacefulness. How can we overcome the enormous negativity that surrounds us and seems to worsen by the day?

It is possible to not only survive, but to thrive, no matter what life has in store for us. We do so by learning how to reprogram our minds, our beliefs, our emotions, and our physical health. This is how we become resilient and inspired. This is how we heal.

In my video I share some Positive Psychology, a field I find so inspiring and so helpful for our healing. We’ll be diving in far deeper in Santa Fe, along with nutrition strategies, mindfulness techniques and so much more during “How to Heal – Harness Your Innate Healing Superintelligence”, May 29-Jun 2, 2019

Cultivating awareness. Encouraging small changes. Supporting each other. This is how we heal. And as we heal, we attain harmony within ourselves and with the world.

I’ve dedicated my life to learning the best strategies and tools from science, psychology and spirituality so I can share them with you, my wonderful community of mind-body-spirit explorers. And one of the very best ways we can learn, grow and heal, is do so together for a few days in the joyful companionship of others.

Waiting for you in Santa Fe,

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  1. Judy
    Judy says:

    Hello from San Francisco. I just started reading ‘Minding the Body-Mending the Mind’ yesterday & I’m so glad I did!🤗

    I also signed up to receive Joan’s emails, & that’s a real comfort too!⛅

    Here in the San Francisco Bay Area, I’ve learned Yoga & Meditation Practices at the SF Zen Center, at Spririt Rock and at many other sanctuaries across this state.

    The good news is that the retreats have given me a much needed ‘heightened awareness’ level.🙏

    The not so good news is that in ‘Our Time of Corona’, when you combine ‘heightened awareness’ with my longstanding anxiety & panic disorder conditions, what you get is someone who can be quite easily rattled.😕

    I’d love to hear back from others on how they’re handling similar conditions during this time.


    Judith E. Fisher MEd.


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