Joan Borysenko, PhD, Harvard-trained cell biologist, NY Times best-selling author spiritual mentor and world-renowned pioneer in the mind-body connection, and along with colleague Gilah Rosner, PhD, molecular geneticist, nutritionist, spiritual teacher and herbalist, have teamed up to create a multidimensional approach to wellness and healing that integrates the latest findings in neuroscience, nutritional science, positive psychology and epigenetics together with mindfulness practice and traditional healing wisdom.

What is SyNAPSE?

SyNAPSE is an integrative, heart-centered approach to personalized wellness rooted in Self-Caring and mindful awareness—designed to meet our needs as human beings today.

SyNAPSE teaches us how to mobilize our innate healing superintelligence and get our wellness guidance system back on track using practical, effective mind-body-spirit tools.

SyNAPSE is a simple guide to practical epigenetics—the new science exploring how changes in gene expression an be dramatically influenced by life-style choices, including what you eat, where you live, how you move and how you sleep, what you think and what you believe.

Where can you learn the SyNAPSE approach?

SyNAPSE is the basis for experiential retreats taught by Joan and Gilah. Interactive online classes are currently in development.

To learn more about Dr. Gilah Rosner, click HERE

SyNAPSE – your personalized guide to vibrant health & authentic happiness