Autumn is the time to catch your breath…
This will calm and reconnect you.

After a busy summer of activity and hanging out with loved ones, it’s time to ease up, take a breath, and collect yourself.

In the midst of endless events, obligations and concerns, it’s so easy to get disconnected… from your essential self, and from spirit.

Through Pocketful of Blessings—a 3-month guided psychospiritual journey—you will receive the four essential blessings of deep connection that every human being needs to feel peaceful and whole all Autumn long— connection to your essential self; to the beauty and biorhythms of nature; to the present moment, and to infinite spirit.

Over 50 years in the worlds of personal growth and spirituality have taught me a thing or two, and I want to offer you a pocketful of simple tools and life-affirming skills to calm and reconnect you, no matter what life has in store.  In just a few mindful minutes you can reclaim your equanimity and feel respirited.

Pocketful of Blessings delivers short and sweet spiritual/wellness practices straight to your inbox every Tuesday

Let Pocketful of Blessings support you with my best short, sweet and effective sacred practices, meditations, and tools for inner strength. They’ve kept me calm and connected for many years, and I want that for you, too.

Every month delights with new practices around a unique spiritual theme.

Each week you’ll receive one seasonally-curated practice directly in your inbox:

  1. An inspirational downloadable audio meditation from Joan with a video introduction or
  2. A simple sacred practice to honor the spirit of each month or
  3. A powerful and practical guide on growing an Inner Strength- the human qualities that lead to authentic happiness and resilience or
  4. A short & sweet audio prayer/practice to honor the sacred seasonal days of the year, be it a solstice, equinox, or cross-quarter day

Feel like diving a bit deeper?

At the beginning of each month you’ll receive a gorgeous e-Book with all of that month’s practices, links to videos and audios and other seasonally curated materials, so you can explore Pocketful of Blessings to your heart’s delight!

As the seasons change, so do our lives…

The most ancient spiritual wisdom was centered around the predictable shifts in seasonal rhythms that govern all of life. With mindful awareness, we can draw down a multitude of healing blessings inherent to each season of the Sacred Cycle of the Year.

Our Medicine Wheel of the Seasons–a sacred circular geometric design–guides our spiritual journey.

I’ve teamed up with my creative partner and kindred spirit, Gilah Rosner, and the two of us have curated our best tools and practices to bring you joy and resilience, week-by-week and season by beautiful season.

Pocketful of Blessings delivers simple, powerful practices to calm and reconnect you in every season.

Are you in?

Pocketful of Blessings begins September 19, 2023 –
just in time for the Autumn Equinox.

Looking for the perfect companion to this program?
It’s the new edition of my beloved book, Pocketful of Miracles

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Refund Policy & Course Material Access

No refunds once the season begins.

Downloadable linked materials will be available for 4 weeks after that season ends.

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