No Time for Nonsense

My heart is heavy as the surge intensifies in NYC, New Orleans, Detroit… And my heart perks up when people talk about the many silver linings that are already appearing. Family and friends visiting more than ever …just virtually. The story today of the golden retriever delivering groceries to the woman next door; Italians singing to neighbors from their windows; New Yorkers cheering healthcare workers from their balconies; the sky, the earth, the air and the water breathing sighs of relief as pollution clears.

Having run a hospital based mind body clinic for people with cancer, AIDS, and stress related illness for a decade in the 1980’s, I can to testify to a silver lining when life threatening illness stops life in its tracks. People get real. Transparent. They drop the roles, the armor, the pretense and stand in their full vulnerability, which is the most powerful and endearing place of all.

When crisis hits home in a life and death situation, agendas tend to drop away. Judgments are more likely to fall by the wayside. And miracle of miracles, unlikely people become allies rather than enemies.

When we are balancing on a tightrope there is simply no time for nonsense. I think God knew that when he/she/it hit the reset button.

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