Listen to Joan on Living Juicy with Rhea Goodman

Joan and 2 Santa Fe colleagues- both authors and activists in the fields of health, personal growth, and politics- reflect with the host, Rhea Goodman, on how to deal with the Trump era.

Listen below:

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  1. HOlly Byers
    HOlly Byers says:

    Excellent panel discussion! I particularly related to your mention of : Getting into our bodies and getting active and Feeling the body: whilst the intellectual fades away.
    Being a dance professor and fitness instructor for over 40 years: Joy, Happiness and Elation are ALL present, each and every time I dance. 5 years ago, I lost my ability to walk, and had to re-learn all physical activity from a completely new perspective. In addressing my self as an athlete: I was able to meet the challenges on a physical level, without all the internal defeatest chatter which often accompanies my life – as I compare my current body to that of my years as a Young dancer. ….
    As you stated: finding COMMONALITY in physical expériences: brings us together as one. I give seminars in “Transformation into Creativity”- which touch upon many of the points discussed on your show. THANK YOU – Great to hear brilliant minds and gentle hearts helping guide our path forward in peaceful, mindful and conscious ways.
    Blessings Rea and thank you for your Wisdom.

    P.s. My website is only the WIX working-version at this time, and will change to:


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