Learning to love yourself with Joan and Karen

The summer is already in full swing, and hopefully you are making some great plans for fun, joy, family, friendship, and personal enrichment this season.

Put August 10-12 on your calendar and come on over to Stockbridge MA and the iconic Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health in the magnificent Berkshires. I am delighted to announce the 6th annual women’s retreat that Karen Drucker and I have co-hosted together. Karen is a wonder- a singer-songwriter with over 20 albums of positive music to her credit.

She and I blend positive psychology, affirmation, song, neuroscience and fun to help us all out with the most life enhancing of all spiritual paths- learning to love ourselves.

I think that the retreats really do install new brain circuits- after 5 of them I swear I am a new woman! Check out the short video that Karen and I just made on my back porch in Santa Fe.

It will give you some idea of what we’re up to. And in case you are wondering if we had too much sun- we both look pretty red- no worries. It was just the bright afternoon light!

Kripalu is right across the tree lined rural road from the famed Tanglewood Music Festival, summer home to the Boston Symphony Orchestra. I heard the closing concert a year or two ago, featuring YoYo Ma. It was glorious, as is the rest of the quaint town of Lenox with its cool little shops and restaurants.

You can enrich your time at Kripalu with these local delights, and book extra nights for what they call R and R.

Every year we have several mother-daughter, sister-sister, and other friend and family groups who attend our women’s retreat. Be prepared for a lot of laughter and tears. What an experience!

I always imagine what it might have been like to attend such a heart opening, ecstatic event- replete with practical, actionable tools- with my own mom. I think it would have transformed our relationship. Last year we had a 3 generational family group attend together- mother, daughter, and grandmother. Who could you come with?


I hope to see you- and your friends and family- in August. Have a great summer wherever you are! And remember that you, above all, deserve your own kindness, respect, and love.

When you finally own the true beauty of who you are- as you are- the goodness and joy spill over and spread love to everyone you touch.

Summer Love and Blessings, Joanie