Kindred Spirits Sharing Circles

Longing for Spiritual Community?

Kindred Spirits Sharing Circles are circles of love, inquiry, generosity, healing, and trust. They are designed to create joyful connection to our innermost selves, to one another and to the sacred. In these changing and turbulent times, nothing could be more important.

Paradoxically, our journey inward often works best within the loving presence of community. And surprisingly, our small group live online meetups have proven to be so intimate and soulful. Here we can explore our personal paths within a framework of shared experience that provides a peaceful sanctuary for all.

As the seasons change, so do our lives. Drawing upon the metaphors and messages of each season, we’ll explore and celebrate our individual and collective journeys in this beautiful, imperfect lifetime. And we’ll engage in listening deeply… to our hearts, to each other and to our lives.

We’ll spend our spirited time together in six live interactive gatherings each season. Our structured 2-hour sessions will meet every other week over 10 weeks.

Each month will be devoted to unique themes, which we’ll explore deeply over two full sessions. We’ll  learn, laugh, meditate, self-reflect and share our inspiration and insights in intimate breakout rooms of 3.

There is no homework, no advanced preparation. All you have to do is show up for each session with an open heart. Together we’ll explore the blessings and challenges of living fulling human, season by beautiful season.


Welcome to our chapel of the heart!  For 2 hours, six times a season, you’ll have the opportunity to drench yourself in loving kindness, quiet introspection, and spiritual companionship.

Every person has the opportunity to be seen and heard, and you may choose to share however you are moved to do so.

Each session will include:

  • An opening musical selection
  • A reading by Joan from Pocketful of Miracles
  • Group check-in
  • A short and sweet presentation
  • A beautiful guided meditation to bring you deeply into the theme of the day
  • A spiritual ‘exercise’ of self-reflection
  • Sharing in cozy breakout groups of 3
  • “One Small Thing”  (a tip for growing an inner strength)
  • A closing poem

There will be additional resources available for those who want to deepen your experience in the days between our sessions.

When you share the gifts of loving presence, you will experience many precious moments when the story of another takes you more deeply into your own. This is how we will find healing… in the reflection and companionship of one another.


Autumn Themes: The Season of Gathering (Sept 14 – Dec 7)

Sessions 1-2: Inviting Possibility, Taking Stock (Sep 14, Sep 28)

Sessions 3-4: Becoming, Forgiveness, (Oct 12, Oct 26)

Sessions 5-6: Listening Deeply, Kindling the Light Within (Nov 9, Nov 30)

BONUS Session, Dec 7. Join us for a Dream Circle with Joan!


The Autumn session of Kindred Spirits Sharing Circles starts Wednesday September 14 and meets every other week through Nov 30, (we will skip the week of Thanksgiving). Our Zoom video sessions will be 2 hours long (1 – 3 pm ET). Your loving presence is the best present you can give yourself and others. An audio recording of the presentations only will be available if you must miss a session. And there will be an optional bonus session on Dec 7.

We’ve poured our hearts into creating this program! Join me along with my creative partner and soul friend, Gilah Rosner, for this intimate spiritual companioning group by live Zoom videoconferencing. We’ll email you every Tuesday with a courtesy reminder with the Zoom link, and on intervening weeks you’ll receive an email with the audio recording.

1PM ET / 12PM CT / 11AM MT / 10AM PT
$497 per season*

With love from your Kindred Spirits,

Joan & Gilah

Questions? Contact

*We will offer 2 more sessions of Kindred Spirits in 2022-23, each with different themes. You may register at a reduced fee: second class = $477, third class = $457.

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Refund Policy & Course Material Access

Refunds will not be offered after the September 12.
Presentations by Joan and Gilah will be recorded.
Intimate breakout rooms will not be recorded.

Note: We use PayPal to process your credit card payments (at no extra charge to you). You do not need to have a PayPal account. Payments will be received by PayPal through Four Worlds Wellness, LLC. Your credit card statement will reflect a charge from PAYPAL*BORYSENKO (JoanBorysenkoCourse).

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