About Joan’s Store

I walked into a used bookstore in Ukiah, CA just before this site was launched. Much to my surprise, the smiling proprietor was Dave Smith, the co-founder of the famous Smith and Hawken company. We got to talking, and pretty soon Dave inscribed a gift copy of his very fine book, To Be of Use, for me. He models how to live lightly on this sacred earth and care for life in all its forms—including his customers. In this day and age it’s hard to make money running a used book store, but if profit isn’t your primary motive, such a store has other returns, not the least of which is giving something back to the community.

Lionheart FoundationUnlike Dave, I’m the proprietor of a tiny online store where I generally don’t get to see my customer’s faces, shake their hands, share a hug, or sign their books. But like Dave, I hope to be of use and give something back to our community. That’s why I donate 10% of all profits from this store to the Lionheart Foundation (www.LionHeart.org), which does stellar work teaching emotional literacy in the prisons, to kids at risk, and to the (mostly) teenage parents of kids at risk.

I’ve been on the board of LionHeart since its inception in 1992. Please take a moment, click on the link and watch the videos. Then, when you buy something here—even though you might be able to find it cheaper at an online superstore—you can see tangibly how you are being of use. The majority of prisoners were once abused children. They are a segment of society that is generally maligned, forgotten, and stored away in prisons that are graduate schools in violence, rather than the Houses of Healing that Lionheart’s founder, Robin Casarjian, is working to create. Please help us make a difference by doing your shopping here.

And keep checking back. I hope to add a variety of interesting items over time, that you can’t easily find in other places.

With gratitude for your kindness,