Narrative Therapy: Spirituality, Neuroscience, and Narrative

April 15, 2023

There is a nobility in every client that often lies hidden behind stories of failure, addiction, or unworthiness. These diminishing narratives affect brain, nervous system, and emotions creating a negative spiral of self-defeating thoughts and behaviors. Using mindfulness, short writing exercises, and evidence-based tools from neuroscience and positive psychology, you will learn how to help clients develop awareness of limiting narratives; use simple evidence-based tools to distance from old stories; and rewire brain and body with more adaptive and hopeful narratives about the trajectory of their lives.

Class objectives:

  • Explain the relationship of narrative to neuroscience
  • Demonstrate the use of evidence-based mindfulness techniques to become aware and let go of destructive stories
  • Describe how to identify and develop character strengths to help clients create more beneficial stories of identity
  • Describe the role of meaning and spirituality in creating belonging and connection

Presented by Professional Psych Seminars.  CE credits available.

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9am to 4pm Pacific Time
Live Online Webinar