Crossroads for an unprecedented time

March 12 - 13, 2021

Do you feel like a caterpillar swelling inside a cocoon in this unprecedented time? Do you know that there’s an inner metamorphosis going on, and are you ready to put your ear to the ground and listen for and to your heart’s longing?

Crossroads is an opportunity distinct from any other retreat. It is an opening to discover wise ways to say “yes” to life, yet again. Or, maybe say “yes” to your own personal transformation yet again.

Are you asking questions like, “How can I best honor my gifts, my family, and the larger Spirit that’s unfolding in a way that feels gentle, true, and powerful? Is there a new purpose for my life that is ready to emerge?”

Successful and resilient individuals understand that change is the very nature of life. Change can be an exhilarating process – rather than a daunting one – when we learn to understand its transformative power in our lives.

Throughout this retreat you will delve into the wise elements of change. Dr. Joan Borysenko will lead you into exploring your own rites of passage and claiming new possibilities you dare dream. Our wise master teacher will lead us into new territory of discovery relative to the choices we have made and will yet make.

  • Map the journey of change and identify where you are
  • Discern the direction of the underlying flow
  • Identify the adversaries of change within and without
  • Drawing from your own vast creative realm of infinite potential to encounter new ways to say yes” to life!
  • Surrender the old to claim the new.

In the shelter of one another, using processes of inquiry that invite deeper ways of knowing, we’ll let the mud settle so that we can see more clearly together and as individuals.

Let’s celebrate your next rite of passage together!

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