Animated Goddesses by Nina Paley

The Dharma of Aging for Us Golden Goddesses
with Joan Borysenko & Gilah Rosner
recorded live online April 2022*
This 3-part series will be sent to you on Dec 1, 8, 15

Aging gracefully is a delicate dance involving mindful acceptance, loving self-reflection and effective tools to grow resilience and optimism… along with a whole lot of humor. Experience the dharma (truth) of aging through a shared journey into the spiritual, heartfelt, and practical wisdom for us savvy, sassy, and simply splendid women of a certain age.

And what age is that? While there is no precise number—we think of the Golden Age as the time of life for focusing your work (paid or volunteer) on what has real meaning for you. Perhaps you will move in a new direction that truly excites you or you’ll continue what you love to do at a more relaxing pace. It’s a time for deepening what blesses you, and ditching what stresses you, for being with family and friends, and for learning new things. It’s a time for finding meaning, purpose and pleasure.

Most of all, the Golden Age is a time for embracing your inner Goddess, for returning to your authentic self, and for appreciating all that makes you so lovely both inside and out, and that’s precisely what we will explore together through a delicious mix of presentations, contemplation, humor, and soulful explorations that nourish, inspire, and reveal what a gorgeous, Golden Goddess you truly are!

If you missed the live online program, you can still join us for some meaningful exploration and fun. We’ll send you an email each week for 3 weeks with an audio recording, self-reflection questions, slides, mind-body tool, sacred practice, and more!

In Part One, Mind-Body Marvels we’ll take a look at our thoughts about aging and discover the power of the mind over aging. Your beliefs about aging deeply affect how you look, act and feel… Are your beliefs about aging harmful to you, or are they turning back the clock?

The good news is there is so much encouraging research in the areas of medicine, neurobiology and psychology confirming how this time of your life can be extremely healthy, joyful and rewarding! And honestly, when it comes to our own aging, sometimes all we can do is laugh. Humor is indeed the best restorative.

We’ll also begin to explore our fears and feelings about our aging bodies. And we want you to know that goddesses come in all ages, stages and sizes.

So, whether you look more like this:

Or like this:

You, my dear, are a Goddess, all the same!

The brain’s negativity bias can be a downer. So, in Part Two, Emotional Alchemy, we’ll learn how mindful awareness can help us install new positive thoughts about aging that can actually change our brains, our minds and ultimately our emotions. And we’ll be exploring how to gracefully accept the aging process and to appreciate our wisdom and beauty.

We’ll learn some practical pick-me-ups based on positive psychology and the new field of self-directed neuroplasticity – using your mind to change your brain, which changes your mind for the better. This is so much more than wishful thinking, and we will practice using a positive psychology tool to hardwire happiness with NEW positive neural connections.

Like any skill- from piano to tennis- repetition strengthens neural circuits. You gotta use it or lose it, baby! Little by little, you can rewire your brain and nervous system., and create real, lasting positive change in what you believe and how you feel.

Your inner goddess will be dancing for joy!

Part Three, Spiritual Ripening, is about getting back to your authentic self. We’ve all made decisions – which seemed right or necessary at the time – that have sidetracked or waylaid us from living from the core of our true nature. Now it’s time to reconnect with your true self.

We’ll take a peek at how Positive Psychology, which focuses on what’s right with you, helps you identify your unique character strengths and how to employ them for a happier, more authentic life. When we become our best possible self, we leave a legacy of goodness in the world. More than honors, degrees or accomplishments, your most important legacy is that of the heart –and the sharing of your unique qualities that touch others during the course of your lifetime.

One aspect of embracing our inner Golden Goddess is remembering that we are created in the divine image. You truly embody the divine feminine, so by your very nature you are strong, gentle, compassionate, understanding, protective and nurturing.

Aging brings the opportunity to begin focusing more on the inner life, and creating more space for personal growth, spiritual development and perhaps, a more graceful way of being in the world.

This program is all about tapping your inner wisdom, maintaining awareness of your thoughts and beliefs, and fostering positive changes in your life. We’re delighted to offer these recordings, journaling questions, practical tools and bonus sacred practices to honor your Golden Goddess for only $77.

Together, let’s write a new story of how glorious aging can be.

Joan Borysenko & Gilah Rosner

With Love,
Joan and Gilah

Thank you to Nina Paley for the fabulous animated goddess images.



  • Audio recordings (75-90 min) (* private breakout rooms were not recorded)
    • Welcome and Mind Body Marvels (will be sent Dec 1)
    • Emotional Alchemy (will be sent Dec 8)
    • Spiritual Ripening and Closing (will be sent Dec 15)
  • Slides from Joan’s 3 presentations
  • Slides from Gilah’s Faces of Aging presentation
  • Self-reflection Journaling questions
  • 3 Mind-Body Tools for Golden Goddesses
  • 3 Sacred Rituals for Golden Goddesses
  • 3 Songs from musician-goddess Karen Drucker
  • Just for fun… Choose your Goddess Archetype
  • 26-page e-Book, EngAging Toolbox – Simple Tools for Adding Life to Your Years

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