Animated Goddesses by Nina Paley

The Dharma of Aging for Us Golden Goddesses
Loving Your Legacy
with Joan Borysenko & Gilah Rosner
recorded live online September 2022
This 3-part adventure of meaningful exploration, inspiration and fun
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Aging gracefully is a delicate dance involving mindful acceptance, loving self-reflection and effective tools to grow resilience and optimism… along with a whole lot of humor. Experience the dharma (truth) of aging through a shared journey into the spiritual, heartfelt, and practical wisdom for us savvy, sassy, and simply splendid women of a certain age.

Our Golden Age is a time for deepening what blesses you, and ditching what stresses you, for being with family and friends, and for learning new things. It’s a time for finding meaning, purpose and pleasure.

Most of all, the Golden Age is a time for embracing your inner Goddess, and for taking a fresh look at the glorious legacy of YOUR life. More than honors, degrees or accomplishments, your most important legacy is that of the heart – your caring, humor and life wisdom that touches others during the course of your lifetime.

During our 3-part program, you’ll uncover your deepest values, gain appreciation of lessons learned, and discover what a truly great masterpiece you are! Through a delicious mix of presentations, contemplation, laughter, and and soulful explorations that nourish and inspire, you will clarify the legacy you’ll leave behind (one day)—a treasure trove of meaning, wisdom, and humor.

If you missed the live online program, you can still join us for some meaningful exploration and fun. We’ll send you an email each week for 3 weeks with an audio recording, self-reflection questions, slides, meditations, positive psychology exercises, and more!

In Part One, “Uncovering Your Deepest Values”, we’ll uncover the core life values that make you, you. We’ll use the best of Positive Psychology to mine your strongest strengths and principles and learn how to utilize them to become your best self.

The goal of values clarification is to illuminate what you consider personally meaningful and important, and then, to discern how well you are currently living a life in line with what you value. Values clarification answers the question, “What do you want your life to stand for?”

Uncovering Your Deepest Values
Uncovering Your Deepest Values

Appreciation of Lessons Learned
Appreciation of Lessons Learned

In Part Two “Appreciation of Lessons Learned”, we’ll acknowledge our ancestors, and how they have shaped our identities and influenced the legacies we will leave. Some of the lessons learned from family are cherished, while others are best ignored. We’ll explore the notion of families as schools of forgiveness, and in so doing, we’ll help our ancestors along their spiritual path and help ourselves in our process.

We’ll take time to honor all we’ve learned, to forgive ourselves for what we have not yet mastered, and to give thanks for everyone who has helped us along our way. Shining a light on our lessons learned, illuminates not only our past, but our present and our future.

You’ve loved and lost, you’ve laughed and cried, you’ve succeeded and failed, and through all that was, and all there’s yet to be, your beautiful legacy is being created. In Part Three, we’ll conclude with, “Loving Your Legacy” as we identify and celebrate some of the truly great gems in our legacy treasure trove and explore a few ideas for redirecting and refining our legacies a bit more.

Loving Your Legacy

One aspect of embracing our inner Golden Goddess is remembering that we are created in the divine image. You truly embody the divine feminine, so by your very nature you are strong, gentle, compassionate, understanding, protective and nurturing.

Aging brings the opportunity to begin focusing more on the inner life, and creating more space for personal growth, spiritual development and perhaps, a more graceful way of being in the world.

This program is all about tapping your inner wisdom, maintaining awareness of your thoughts and beliefs, and fostering positive changes in your life. We’re delighted to offer these recordings, self-reflection questions, slides, meditations, positive psychology exercises and more to honor your Golden Goddess for only $77.

Together, let’s write a new story of how glorious aging can be.

Joan Borysenko & Gilah Rosner

With Love,
Joan and Gilah

Thank you to Nina Paley for the fabulous animated goddess images.



  • Audio recordings from 3 sessions (75-90 min) (* private breakout rooms were not recorded)
    • Session 1: Uncovering Your Deepest Values (will be sent April 28)
    • Session 2: Appreciation of Lessons Learned (will be sent May 5)
    • Session 3: Loving Your Legacy (will be sent May 12)
  • Slides and videos from Joan’s presentations
  • Psychospiritual Exercises
  • Recorded Meditations
  • Positive Psychology Tools
  • Self-reflection Journaling questions
  • 3 Songs from musician-goddess Karen Drucker
  • 26-page e-Book, EngAging Toolbox – Simple Tools for Adding Life to Your Years

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