Dr. Joan Borysenko’s work has been foundational in an international healthcare revolution that recognizes meaning and spirituality as integral to wellness and healing. When chronic stress and disease depress the body’s innate capacity to heal, a more expansive spiritual perspective can help calm the mind, open the heart, and restore physical and emotional resilience. In this exclusive 4-part video series, The Chapel of the Heart, Joan shares short, powerful stories and meditations that nurture body, mind and spirit.

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A Glimpse of Eternity

This is the story of how my son, Justin and I went into the light with my mother at the time of her death. Raymond Moody, who wrote the first book on near death experiences, featured this story in his book Glimpses of Eternity, which tells the stories of people who have “empathic” death experiences – the title of the book comes from a profound comment by Justin during this heartfelt experience we shared.

Our Sacred Journey

April is the month we celebrate the freedom of overcoming the ego and entering the Promised Land of our Higher Self. The Passover and Easter stories honored this week are both maps for that sacred journey and the subject of my current Pop Up Chapel of the Heart.

The Vision Quest

In this episode of Chapel of the Heart, I recount the story of a vision quest I was invited to experience by a Lakota medicine man renowned for his healing ceremonies. We were introduced by a mutual friend who knew that we were both fascinated by the process of healing.

To Err is Human, To Love Divine

In this week’s story you’ll hear about my journey to forgiveness. It wasn’t easy. It didn’t happen overnight. The fact that it happened at all was part intention- I was sick and tired of suffering- and part divine grace. There is an old adage that if you take one step toward God, God will take a hundred steps back to you.