Chapel of the Heart #2: Our Sacred Journey

April is the month we celebrate the freedom of overcoming the ego and entering the Promised Land of our Higher Self. The Passover and Easter stories honored this week are both maps for that sacred journey and the subject of my current Pop Up Chapel of the Heart.

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  1. Amy Avalon
    Amy Avalon says:

    Love love love this Joan! Thank you so much – what a wonderful way to begin my day today. I love you so much, and am surrounding you and your loved ones in luminous blessings!

  2. Sue Richardson
    Sue Richardson says:

    Thank you for reminding me of the allegories…and helping propel me forward as I take time to move further inward to my true self and outward to connect with the Oneness of all in these trying times. Blessings on all.

  3. Cynthia Melman
    Cynthia Melman says:

    Thank you, Joan, and Chag Sameach! May we soon experience tikkun olam.
    Your wisdom and voice always have a healing effect. Stay healthy.

  4. Constance McClain
    Constance McClain says:

    Thanks, Joan,
    I feel so much better after hearing your special, (as always,) narrative on Passover, Easter and the Resurrection staring Moses, The Hebrew slaves, The Pharaoh, Jesus,
    Judas, et, al… your allegories pricelessly healing. As I go off to discover some more narrow parts to put to bed. The bunnies and chicks were also a lovely touch! Love to you both. Shalom, Constance Paz, Shanti, Salaam…hugs!


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