Necessity is the Mother of Invention

Research on resilience indicates that bricolage- making something you need from whatever is at hand- is a core competence of resilience. Think about: Medical face masks made out of office supplies or sewn by volunteers Shoelaces made from bits of string and wire collected by inmates of concentration camps in Nazi Germany. These made a […]

Joan’s Santa Fe Retreat Featured in Natural Awakenings

Deciding what to eat has gotten so complicated, it seems one needs a scientist in the kitchen! But don’t worry—Dr. Joan Borysenko is ready to dish up some bite size portions of the latest nutritional science, along with generous helpings of traditional wisdom, warmth and humor, paired with the enjoyment of wholesome food. Borysenko is cooking […]

The Best Things in Life Are Free: A Report From Mother and Son Downshifters

by Joan Borysenko and Justin Borysenko Time to downshift…finally? My son Justin just turned 46 years old. Exactly 20 years previously he and I wrote an article together about downshifting. It brought tears to both of us when we reread it on his birthday. In the 20 years since penning that article Justin got married […]