In beauty may you walk in 2018

In beauty may you walk in 2018. What can you imagine? That’s the key to forming a strong intention that guides action and calls in help from unexpected places. Magic anyone?

One of my visions for last year was recovering from June’s double hip replacement. I kept visualizing myself hiking with ease. This past week I hiked for hours with visiting family- even scrambled up in the rocks with ease! I keep imagining myself sitting comfortably cross-legged- something my physical therapist wasn’t sure I’d ever do- and tada!!- my body is now relaxing into that posture a little more every day.

Meanwhile, here I am with my husband Gordon and two of our grandkids- Emma and Leo- at the magnificent Plaza Blanca in Abiquiu NM.

10,000 blessings to you for health, love, creativity, joy and prosperity in this New ear of 2018.

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