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Inspiring Women Summit

Joan was recently interviewed for the Inspiring Women Summit. Listen below: https://joanborysenko.com/wp-content/uploads/audio/InspiringWomenSummit2015-0504-1100-JoanBorysenko.mp3 This interview is part of the Inspiring Women Summit, a free online event featuring some of the most potent, visionary women who offer guidance on discovering a feminine path for a more fulfilling and meaningful life. For more information, please visit inspiringwomensummit.com. This recording […]

Take Back Your Health

Listen to as Dallas Brown interviews Joan about her book The PlantPlus Diet Solution and the Spiritual Solutions for Women workshop. Joan will join Deepak Chopra, Elizabeth Gilbert and other powerful women at the very first Spiritual Solutions for Women this May. This unique, one-of-a-kind event is just for women. Spiritual Solutions for Women May […]

Joan Joins the Dr. Pat Show to discuss The PlantPlus Diet Solution

Joan believes that when you’ve got the right information, you can make powerful choices to change your life. She cuts through the thicket of confusing—and often downright wrong—advice on nutrition and gives you easy‐to‐digest, bite‐sized servings of real scientific information so you can discover which foods your body needs to heal and thrive. https://joanborysenko.com/wp-content/uploads/audio/drp-140930-borysenko.mp3