Making Meaning & Developing Safety & Resiliency Through Relationships – The Smart Couple Podcast with Jayson Gaddis

Watch a clip of Joan from the movie Heal prove how powerful the mind-body connection really is!

Watch Joan in this short segment produced for therapist by NICABM on the narrative arc of transformation and dealing with uncertainty.

Awaken Interviews Joan Borysenko Ph.D.

Part 1: God Is A Mystery

Awaken Interviews Joan Borysenko Ph.D.

Part 2: Living More From Your Higher Self

Dr. Joan Borysenko’s Biography

How can I be more resilient in stressful situations

Retelling Your Life Story: Part 1 at Sivananda Ashram, 2017

Resilience now: Joan Borseynko at TEDxGrandRapids

2018 Healthy Boundaries
Listen to Joan’s July 2018 interview on Authentic Living Show on Voice America with Andrea Mathews. Joan discusses the necessity of appropriate psychological, spiritual and relational boundaries, and the difference healthy boundaries make in our ability to live happy, fulfilling lives.

2018 Why Women Burn Out and How We Can Revive Ourselves
Listen to Joan’s recent April 2018 interview for The Women’s Wellness Council. She discusses how to use positive psychology to build a healing mindset, understanding epigenetics to supporting your health recovery, and how to revive yourself and recover from burnout.

2018 Perspectives from a Scientist, Psychologist and Mystic
Joan speaks with Dondi Dahlin during the 2018 Shift Network Energy Medicine and Healing summit. As a medical scientist, Joan is frequently asked if energy medicine actually works- whether or not there is scientific data to back it up. As a psychologist who directed a mind-body clinic at Harvard, she is often asked about the placebo effect and how it energizes the self-healing mechanisms of the body. As a mystic to whom realms of light and energy are as familiar as the material world, Joan will discuss how these 3 apparently disparate perspectives come together in the service of wholeness.

This interview is part of the Energy Medicine & Healing Summit, a free online event where experts from diverse areas of energy medicine and healing share cutting-edge energy practices for you to unleash your body’s natural ability to achieve your greatest health and wellbeing. For more information, please visit This recording is a copyright of The Shift Network. All rights reserved.

2017 Transformational Healers Summit with Arianna Gray
Joan speaks with Arianna about how medical, mental health and healing arts professionals can break through burnout, give your gifts and love your life.