A Personal Invitation from My Heart to Yours

Author Elizabeth Jarret Andrew describes the three unique qualities of spiritual memoir:

1. The intention is to uncover, probe and honor what is sacred within your unique life story.

2. Venturing into the mystery become the means for spiritual growth.

3. The expression of vulnerability and risks can lead to surprising and rewarding revelations.

I couldn’t agree more!

In every session, following a guided meditation and a writing prompt, we’ll capture our spontaneous musings in 12-minute writing sessions. No editing, no polishing, maybe not even a whole story. But thoughtful and soulful, nonetheless.

Then we move to the “Readback” process… a break out room of 3 where each person is lovingly encouraged, respected and  celebrated. Nothing beats truly being heard and received, and then giving back that gift to others. This generosity of spirit is one of the many gifts of The Gifts of Spiritual Memoir. The joy of self-discovery is another.

What an auspicious time to support each other on our hero’s journey inward to seek meaning, clarity and hope for what is yet to come!  Join me on this vision quest for our times. Everyone is welcome.



The Gifts of Spiritual Memoir begins Thurs, February 17, 1 pm ET
and meets every week through March 24.


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  1. Dr.Mary Gayle Selfridge
    Dr.Mary Gayle Selfridge says:

    Dear Joan,we did several programs together back in the 80’s and 90’s with a College Wellness Commitee.Just wanted to send my love and blessings as you continue to share your wisdom and gifts.Blessings,be well,be peaceful and be safe,Mary Gayle


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