A little GraceFull goes a long way

Each month you’ll receive 6 new practices – a sacred ritual, a meditation, a practice to develop one of “The Graces” (human qualities for authentic happiness), self-reflection questions, a seasonal nourishment recipe, and an herbal remedy. Now, that’s what I call full-service mind-body-spirit practice! There are videos and downloads to choose from, links to follow (or not), a GraceFull 360 private social networking page. And if you feel like some socializing, join our monthly live Zoom session beginning Monday, September 21. 2020, for Autumn – The Season of Gathering. The Zoom meetings will provide the framework for each month’s practices. In between we’ll walk these 6 paths together, each at our own pace, to uncover the gifts, graces and blessings of this season.

Do a little or do a lot. Dabble to your heart’s content. The pace and depth are entirely up to you! GraceFull360 will be waiting when you need a little heartening, not to mention a boost for your mind-body connection.

I can honestly tell you that since my dear friend Gilah and I started working on getting Grace-Full, I have experienced a renewed sense of spirituality, and I am truly happier. It is our hope that with each new practice or insight, you too will find yourself reconnected to your inner and outer landscapes, and renewed with a new sense of ease, hope, gratefulness, and purpose. In my next email I’ll share more details about this beautiful program.

I’m looking forward to our GraceFull360 journey together!

With love,