Chapel of the Heart #4: To Err is Human, To Love Divine

In this week’s story you’ll hear about my journey to forgiveness. It wasn’t easy. It didn’t happen overnight. The fact that it happened at all was part intention- I was sick and tired of suffering- and part divine grace. There is an old adage that if you take one step toward God, God will take a hundred steps back to you.

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  1. Barbara Schwartzbach
    Barbara Schwartzbach says:

    What a delightful , informative heartfelt presentation.❤️ Life is an amazing journey, I have had aN experience of going into the light, many years ago. Your thoughts on Loving Yourself Resonate deeply with me as I was transformed from that event. I realize now that it was a wake up to be true to myself. I am still learning. Grateful for you sharing your gifts.

  2. Mary
    Mary says:

    Dear Doctor Joan,
    for many months I have saved your videos an yet often did not find the time to play, somehow this morning I took time , a few times I almost unsubscribed . my story is as a mother of five
    children at age 30yrs . emigrated to Canada in 1982 with my husband of 52yrs. my children became very successful , despite many challenges in the marriage.
    (husband died 2016 r.i.p.)
    sadly one of my sons , having climbed the ladder of success in Corporate world , succumbed
    to Drug abuse an has struggled for many years , recently a homeless person on the streets of
    Vancouver an really at death’s door. in February I once again allowed my son to come to my
    small apartment to reach recovery , he has done well an recently started to apply for jobs
    yet his records are a stumbling block . and he feels the rejections
    myself find the compromise on my own life at age 77yrs
    very difficult, an my son at times adds to this stress by his remaining unhappy …please know I very much appreciate your wisdom , compassion and great energy for the work you have
    dedicated in helping others . one day is my dream to attend one of your conventions.
    thank you for today’s message of the heart , addressing my own heart in this time of great challenge ,Covid 19 your meditation prayer has really helped me ,
    with gratitude ,
    Mary .with a wing an a prayer . amen

  3. Karen
    Karen says:

    I cherish every ounce of wisdom you share Joan, you have helped me hang on & hang in from falling into the abyss many times starting with your 1st book about 30 yrs ago. Please keep on sharing.

  4. Alison Date
    Alison Date says:

    I find it so nourishing to listen to your stories. There is a sense of deeper understanding to life events in the way you normalize and describe unusual experiences in your life with such an authentic voice and loving heart. Thank you.

  5. Bonita Joy Yoder
    Bonita Joy Yoder says:

    Thanks for sharing your personal story about forgiveness in this pop-up Chapel of the Heart. I love hearing your voice.
    P.S. And by the way, I like your eyeglasses!

  6. Jan Mullinix
    Jan Mullinix says:

    Thank u so much for sharing a path to forgiveness. I have lucid dreams at times and continue them so they make more sense and some things get resolved. Being a practical person I don’t like loose ends… God bless you…

  7. Edna Christine Evans
    Edna Christine Evans says:

    I am late to the party, but I found immense pleasure in hearing your story of forgiveness and lucid dreaming. Obviously, you words are timeless. Thank you.


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