Chapel of the Heart # 3: The Vision Quest

In this episode of Chapel of the Heart, I recount the story of a vision quest I was invited to experience by a Lakota medicine man renowned for his healing ceremonies. We were introduced by a mutual friend who knew that we were both fascinated by the process of healing.

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  1. Jan Mullinix
    Jan Mullinix says:

    That was such a powerful and amazing story and vision quest. Tnx so much for sharing it with us. I feel very peaceful and relieved of my angst… God bless you and may His peace be with you. ✝️👍💖

  2. JoAnne Pedro-Carroll
    JoAnne Pedro-Carroll says:

    Thank you Joan, for sharing your experience and gifts of grace and wisdom with us. Praying for those in our world who are too ill to pray is so important, now more than ever. With a heart full of gratitude and wellness wishes to all,


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