Joan’s Pop-Up Chapel of the Heart: A Glimpse of Eternity

This is the story of how my son, Justin and I went into the light with my mother at the time of her death. Raymond Moody, who wrote the first book on near death experiences, featured this story in his book Glimpses of Eternity, which tells the stories of people who have “empathic” death experiences – the title of the book comes from a profound comment by Justin during this heartfelt experience we shared.

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    • Maeve
      Maeve says:

      Thank you Joan – today is my own Mums 7th anniversary since she embraced her own light ….. I know she had a part in us connecting and it has helped to hear your story …. blessings to you and yours from Dublin, Ireland 🇮🇪

  1. Bernadette Newton
    Bernadette Newton says:

    As you finished talking, Joan, I became aware of a very bright light before me and I know it was my mother. I was her 5th baby in 6+ years and I believed she didn’t want me. Fast Forward and therapy I learned she didn’t want another baby. She was 26 in the depression when I was born but we reconciled and I was moving into a new building which we, the Sisters of St Joseph built to live with the dear neighbor and I was one of the last ones to choose my apartment and I chose one but the director told me she needed someone who would taken a corner apartment and soI took it. It is a corner unit all windows on 2 sides and looking out on a prairie filled with wild flowers and when I walked in the first time, I was struck by a very bright light and immediately I knew my Mother (who has died) chose this for me. This was her gift and I have the most beautiful home filled with light and love. She told me before she died she would look down on me everyday and I know this was her gift to me

  2. Paula
    Paula says:

    Dearest Joan, every time I hear you tell that sacred story my heart expands and I am so filled with gratitude for your openness, your wisdom, your love! And for my own stories and the love in my life and the lessons I have learned.
    Sometimes it takes a great pandemic to raise us all into a higher consciousness.
    Thank you for being you and for being your mother’s daughter! You raise me up!

  3. Dorothea
    Dorothea says:

    Thank you Jason. My dear friend, Loretta LaRoche told me about you. I enjoyed you presentation, and found it very comforting in this troubling time. Having to be home 24/7 can be very stressful. My son has forbidden me to go shopping for food, because I am one of the vulnerable people. I am 80 and in pretty good health. I was annoyed with my son, but I am sure it is because he loves me and does not want to lose me to the virus. After listening to your presentation, I guess this is his act of love. He will be bringing me groceries and we will have a distance visit ()six feet apart), son, daughter in-law and grandchildren. This will be my light.
    Thank you Joan

  4. Debi Sebesta
    Debi Sebesta says:

    One of my favorite of your wonderful stories, Joanie! It’s an extraordinary experience, to be able to witness the Love and Forgiveness that is Mother. Thank you, once again, for sharing it with us. May you and yours be well, be safe. 💝

  5. Sonia
    Sonia says:

    Oh, my goodness, Joan. First, I saw a most beautiful halo of light around you as you told about your mother! Second, your story about your relationship with your mother could have been mine. My mother, too, was so critical of me. And as a result of that lack of love, I always felt a deep love for all beings. I know part of my reason for being here is to bring love–to those around me, to the world, and to our beautiful earth. Thank you for your loving message!

    • Guilda Altman
      Guilda Altman says:

      My mother was in a hospital in Canada, I live in Ohio. I was visiting her for 2 weeks and knew that i would not see alive again. She has always been loving, I am 7th of 10 children. She said that she ready to go, she was 86. The morning i was returning home, I visited her, thank her for having been a good mother to me. After I left I was at peace for while, when summer came and I could not visit her, I was very sad. Suddenly she was there and I heard ” I never left you, there is no separation” I have been at peace ever since.

  6. Margi Taber
    Margi Taber says:

    I love that you have a presence available for so many of us during this time. I know I look forward to anything you share. I met you in Rochester, NY 20+ years ago when you presented at a presentation sponsored by Marcus Robinson. Your energy is vital to being a light for healing … loved your story!

  7. Barbara Harris
    Barbara Harris says:

    What a special gift for this time I needed it very badly you are a very special lady as I learned in Santa Fe a year ago I hope you’re going to have another one this year if we are able to travel in the world is back to normal whatever that is

  8. Barbara Schwartzbach
    Barbara Schwartzbach says:

    You are a blessing❤️🙏❤️I have been fortunate to participate in lecture/ workshop with you. Look forward to seeing you in person in the future. Love you your story’s and your ability to share your experience.

  9. David Lorimer
    David Lorimer says:

    Beautiful Joan! I remember you telling this story at a lecture I arranged for you around 1995 at Regent’s College in London. I sent this on to Ken Ring, Peter Fenwick, Pim van Lommel and Larry Dossey. Do be in touch – Love David

  10. Jan Mullinix
    Jan Mullinix says:

    I just happened upon this today, and I am so grateful that I got to listen to you from the chapel of the heart. I met you many years ago at Common Boundary in Bethesda Maryland, and took a class with you. My Pocket Full of Miracles devotional book is dogeared by now . I love the meditation of the angels, and all the Mandela’s in the book. Thank you so much for your powerful insights. I was very fortunate to have a wonderful mother and father who i knew loved me and my sister. I’ve had many spiritual teachers in my life, and I feel blessed to have had that experience with so many. I am now 82 years old, and I find that I am mostly peaceful these days. Please continue to share with us, I know that it’s very beneficial and loving.

  11. cheryl
    cheryl says:

    Thanks you for sharing your beautiful story….a gift for my heart today. I felt a special connection to you as you told that story, possibly because my Mom passed away in Canada 4 months ago and I feel so blessed to be the only one in the room with her as she passed. While the experience you had was a much more unique one, I didn’t see or experience the light but I felt so honored to be there for my Mom, knowing how much she feared the thought of dying alone and that having lived 2000 miles away from her most of my adult life, I could finally be there when she needed me most. I too have a son named Justin :). Through your story, I was feeling the love, the blessing and the forgiveness. I am so grateful that my Mom was the loving parent that truly showed her unconditional love through my whole life. My Dad perhaps played more the role of tough love and I had a similar experience right before his passing that he asked my forgiveness for being so hard on me and not always loving me in the way I may have needed. I am grateful to have that closure and forgiveness with him at the end (36 years ago). I anxiously await your next pop up Chapel of the heart and in the meantime, stay inspired and stay well Joan. We thank your mom for the gift of YOU!!

  12. Kathie Arcide
    Kathie Arcide says:

    Oh Joan, how lovely! I have 2 stories of my own, so closely connected to what you shared today. I wish I could share them with you over a virtual cup of tea someday. (One, I finally finished writing after one of your Writing Workshops down on Hood Canal a few years ago.)
    Thanks so much for your depth, and your commitment to your calling(s)! It inspires me often.
    I look forward to sharing this Chapel experience with others. Bless you and your family. And bless your Mother.

  13. Barbara Deppman
    Barbara Deppman says:

    Joan you always bring such a different dimension to us – yet one we know – you just know how to remind us. Thank you for being our blessing and midwife of our sacredness. Love you very much!

  14. Beverly Charleston
    Beverly Charleston says:

    Joan, I feel so much gratitude for this story. I love hearing you tell it – feeling the emotions
    from both you & Justin. I loved my mother deeply & lost her in 1995. But I feel her daily.
    Especially through my older daughter who is 35. Sharing this with us brings such peace.
    I look forward to more stories. You are a treasure.
    Thank you.

  15. Maureen
    Maureen says:

    Joan – you yourself are the chapel! We are so blessed that you are that inveterate story teller and wisdom seeker/sharer with us all. My thoughts and prayers of gratitude are with you and yours. Blessings 🙏💕😇 Maureen

  16. Kerriji
    Kerriji says:


    I love this story every time and love you and your presence. Seeing your face immediately brings me into my heart! Thank you!!!!

  17. Betty Snow
    Betty Snow says:

    Thank you for sharing this moving story. Your book POCKET FULL OF MIRACLES, which I have read and re-read for over 20 years, helped me to overcome my fear of a punitive God who would
    punish me both in this life and the next. Now I try to make kindness my religion. Keep those stories coming.

  18. Simone
    Simone says:

    My Dearest Joan, You are a being of light, in alignment with the Divine, connected into Your Heart, following your True Purpose with the Voice of an Angel. From My Heart to Your Heart, I send you Love.

  19. Kit
    Kit says:

    Thank you, Joan, for sharing this beautiful story. I am feeling so inspired! But just hearing your voice is a treat, anytime. May you be well. May you be peaceful and at ease. May you be happy.

  20. Tammy
    Tammy says:

    Dear Joan, your story moved my heart and I want to thank you for following YOUR heart to share it.
    God bless your mother….God bless your son…God bless you. 💜🙏


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